Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin (German Heart Institute Berlin)

The Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin (DHZB, German Heart InstituteBerlin) is a legal foundation under German civil law and is registered in Berlin. As a non-profit foundation it pursues exclusively medical and scientific purposes. The DHZB is a leading high-performance hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiothoracic and vascular disease in patients of all ages, including the implantation of mechanical circulatory assist devices and the transplantation of heart and lung. The institution aims to provide qualitatively outstanding service, always in line with the latest developments in this area of medicine.

Under a cooperative agreement, the DHZB’s partner institution Paulinen Hospital (PH) undertakes the aftercare of patients who have undergone cardiosurgical procedures at the DHZB or at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

The DHZB and the PH therefore work at opposite ends of the treatment path that a patient follows from admission to the DHZB up to his or her discharge from the PH. Both institutions are closely adapted to their own segments of the treatment path and are therefore highly specialized units (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Division of responsibilities between the DHZB and the PH

One of the objectives of the DHZB, as a clinical partner, is to improve the quality of patient care and patient safety by developing and applying a customer-friendly, user-accepted cloud ecosystem for applications in seamless medical progress documentation and testing for drug interactions. This system is for use within the institution itself, to control, monitor and optimize the whole chain of medical treatment, and in the cooperation with other hospitals for application in the specific treatment of patients.

In contributing many years of experience in developing and implementing future-oriented IT systems for a high-performance hospital, one of the aims of the DHZB is to improve the possibilities for integration of the cloud solution into existing, complex and widely varying IT and security infrastructures of hospitals.

For this reason the DHZB is concentrating on the development of hospital-specific conditions and requirements and on the specification and implementation of two services for the area of patient care, to demonstrate the feasibility of the cloud ecosystem. Thus the project partners are to be optimally supported in the exemplary implementation of the system for the application area “hospital”. The necessary technical preconditions are being developed, applied and tested. Solutions are evaluated from the point of view of the user in an on-going acceptance and evaluation study to gain valuable feedback for the development process.

As flanking measures, the specific requirements for practicable business models for the hospital market are being developed and the project partners’ solutions evaluated from the point of view of the customer and of the hospital. Project results and experience will flow into a migration guide designed to provide knowledge and guidance for other hospitals wishing to apply cloud solutions in providing medical services.